Local and Local + plans are great for businesses targeting a local area or those with niche keywords that are not very competitive. Regional plans are designed for local businesses with moderately competitive keywords or those that are targeting a slightly larger geographic area. At SeashoreWeb Digital Marketing, SEO and Website Design, our primary goal is to obtain top rankings for targeted keywords that will bring you more sales, leads and phone calls. Contact us and we’ll conduct an SEO site audit ($249 value), free of charge to give you some insight into your site’s overall SEO health and your competition. We’ll also provide you with more information and pricing on options available to you.

How can you afford to pay $1,000 a month for SEO on top of all your marketing? Many business owners simply reject SEO, reasoning that they can’t afford it. However, upon a closer look of their marketing budget, we often find that these companies are flushing money down the drain by spending tens of thousands of dollars every month on much less effective media like the Yellow Pages, magazines, newspapers, billboard, and TV commercials. Every business owner should ask themselves this question: when was the last time you hired a service out of the Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines, billboard, or TV commercials?

Compared to the cost of traditional advertising, search engine optimization is the most cost-effective marketing. Your business doesn’t have to spend extra money on marketing – all you need is to re-allocate your marketing dollars from the old advertising venues and invest them in SEO.

Contact the SEO experts at SeashoreWeb and get a free consultation on how your business can benefit from search engine optimization and how you can beat your competition on Google.


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