What are Google Places?

At least 50% of all purchases made are now preceded with an online search. Searching for options on Google, Yahoo and Bing are done by millions of people all around you, looking for you, (and your business). If you don’t set this up correctly you can cause yourself a big headache and make it more costly to get fixed later.

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, geneva, sans-serif;”>5 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Claim Your Place in Google

…AND Know Before You Hurt Your Chances to Claim Your Customers Using Google.

1. What Your Best Keyword Phrases Are.

Keyword research must be done right. If you have ever wondered “What is Google Places?” or even What is the first step in marketing your local business on the web?” Google is the place where should start. But good keyword research is the first step to start on. You don’t have to have a complicated website to get calls, leads, and business from the web. Google Places is basically your business profile listing, or your “Google Place Page” listing is what’s listed on “Google Maps” and what is found most often when Google anticipates the searcher was making search queries with the intent of finding local businesses, products, and services in their own town, or geographical area. However, if you haven’t done a good job planning your long-tail keyword list and your categories list you may miss out on getting the best placement for your efforts.

2. Lots of Information Will Keep Google Happy 

A lot of searches are made on Google every day with a city and state in with the searched keyword phrase. When this is done, almost always at least some of the search results will be the Google Places listing of local businesses. To really take advantage of this for your business you need have your local marketing consultant “claim your Google Places listing” and optimize it properly with images, video, product information, and proper branding elements. Don’t do this and you will not get the maximum exposure you could be getting or the business profit from it!
It’s not that hard but to actually get found and be part of the first page of options when people are looking for your products and services locally, you need to complete the listing in the correct manner that is part of a basic search engine marketing strategy. Meaning optimized with the right keywords, images, and video content and more. Google is partial to listings that have been properly optimized in just the right way.

3. Promoting Your Business Online – Plan It Out!
You can claim your Google Places page, or “listing” but you also need to make sure you research the details of how to get your local business listed on page one of the search results or you may see little benefit from the effort. Make sure to visit some of the top search engine blogs that teach how to properly promote your business listing so you can gain maximum exposure in your search engine optimization efforts.

4. How To Use Your Listing To Get More Business
Take advantage of the options to create a coupon to offer and get a QR Code to add for mobile marketing efforts and to send seekers to more details about your promotions and advertisements online, and offline. This is a great benefit that you should use to increase options for interacting with your potential customers.

5. Mobile Marketing Methods Can Be Surprisingly Effective
Texting and SMS Voice messages are a great way to keep in touch with your clients and customer these days. Think about this, almost everyone on the planet uses a cell phone now. Send mobile updates letting your customer base know you have a special promotion going on while they are out


, and on the go. Having your place pages available on mobile devices is also going to increase business, especially if your companies main site isn’t optimized for smartphones.

Hiring a local marketing firm that specializes in SEO of local businesses is often what small to large businesses end up doing. Often you will save time and money if you focus on running your business and let a local marketing consultant over the online marketing strategy and focus on getting your business MORE BUSINESS, from the web.

As long as you understand the pitfalls to avoid and the best way to get your business listed in all the proper directories you are well on your way to building a stronger business and increasing profit margins as soon as you get started. Google can bring you walk-ins, and get the phone ringing faster than just about any other marketing method on the planet. Get started today.

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